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We live, dine, sleep and shower aboard a Dufour 455 sailboat. Here we have three double berths, two bathrooms and comfort equal to any mountain cabin, but we travel between Lofoten's most spectacular peaks without having to pack the sleeping
bag each day!

And the travel between the different peaks is no ordinary "transport leg". We can experience calm, heavy seas, tail
winds, northern lights and full moon. All who wish to, can participate in the sailing of the boat, including navigating, sail trimming and manoeuvring. We are involved with activities or sailing for four days in a row, and we assume that most participants will sleep on the plane/train, since few will want to miss any of the experiences we have on board.

Hugo Berg
is the skipper and owner of the boat. He is a keen climber
likes to combine his passion for climbing with sailing, in order to reach otherwise innaccessible peaks. He has a marine deck officer class 5 certificate and has completed courses in avalanche safety and first aid.
Hugo's tlf. +47 909 10 610

Ketil Singstad
is respon-sible for marketing and is fantastically familiar
with the area and opportunities that lie in wait outside our living rooms. He is one of the permanent crew. He is our jack-of-all trades who we use as navigator, galley slave, falconer, cook, inspirator etc. He has a marine deck officer class 5 certificate, and has completed courses avalanche safety and first aid.
Ketil's tlf.+47 900 93 990

Email: post@skiandsail.no
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