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Day 1:
We pick you up at Harstad/Narvik airport, Evenes and sail to Sørskomen for a light evening meal under the majestic mountains. 21 nautical miles, ca 3 hours sailing.

Day 2
0700h; seaman's breakfast
0800h; Departure towards Gangnesrenna 1318 m asl or Meraftestinden 1341 m asl. After a memorable descent we shower/bathe, eat and set sail towards Risvær in Svellingene outside Svolvær. Ca 60 Nm, ca 9 hours sailing over evening/night.

Day 3
We hoist anchor at 0800h towards Austnes fjord, around 1100 am are we underway towards Geitgalljartinden, 1085 m asl. After the descent and showering/bathing we eat and set sail towards Raftsundet En route we evaluate the weather, wind and snow conditions and decide if we shall tackle Møysalen 1262 m asl or Grytøya 1012 m asl the following day.

Day 4:
Departure 0800h towards Møysalen or Grytøya. After the descent we shower/bathe, eat and set sail towards Harstad. Here we take farewell and send you by bus to Evenes airport after the experience of a lifetime.

Orca safari 2006-7
Weekend tour for groups of 6 or 15 (one or two boats)

We collect you from Evenes airport, and drive you 5 min to the boat (alternatively can collect from the train station in Narvik) and sail to Skarstad in Efjord where an evening meal with good food and drink is served on board while we explain about the history of the orca in the Ofot fjord

Seaman's breakfast
We search for the orca in the waters around Efjord, Hamarøy, Tranøy. Lunch and visit to the Tranøy museum. We continue the search for the orca/swim with the orca.
Evening meal comprising of self-caught fresh fish with sidedishes is served in Strømshavn below Hamarøyskaftet. The day's experiences are remembered with a DVD video showing on board, together with local snacks and drink.

Seaman's breakfast - We continue the search for the orca - Lunch in the guest harbour at Offersøy.
We sail towards Liavika to reach the last plane departure.

Hugo Berg is the skipper and owner of the boat. He is a keen climber who likes to combine his passion for climbing with sailing, in order to reach otherwise innaccessible peaks. He has a marine deck officer class 5 certificate and has completed courses in avalanche safety and first aid.
Hugo's tlf. +47 909 10 610

Ketil Singstad is responsible for marketing and is fantastically familiar with the area and opportunities that lie in wait outside our living rooms. He is one of the permanent crew. He is our jack-of-all trades who we use as navigator, galley slave, falconer, cook, inspirator etc. He has a marine deck officer class 5 certificate, and has completed courses avalanche safety and first aid.
Ketil's tlf.+47 900 93 990

Email: post@skiandsail.no
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